Sliderz of Decatur has new ownership as of August 1, 2018! Tiffany Maxey, long-time general manager of Sliderz has stepped into the role of owner of Sliderz.

Our goal is to take the successful business that was created by Dave and Sherri Birch, (later purchased by Craig “Woody” Wilson, owner of Woodys Bar in Decatur and the late Craig Garceau, Former owner of Bask in Charlotte NC) and grow. We will do that by using our amazing employees and offer an establishment that appeals to everyone. With support from the outstanding local music community we will be able to provide only the best entertainment, as well we will pick from outside areas the premium entertainment around. In the Kitchen we will strive to only serve the best quality food at reasonable prices. We have the best chefs in the area and will have an ever changing menu that will constantly highlight there talents.

Sliderz will also provide as much support as possible to other businesses, organizations, and individuals in allowing them use of our large warehouse for private parties, fundraisers, benefits and more.